Friday, March 19, 2010

the Ren in me just freaked out!

34th Annual Medieval Fair of Norman

So, Rand and I were at the 33rd annual Medieval Fair of Norman. It was my first official Ren Fest. I was so excited to be there; absolutely psyched that I knew the artist that were performing (thanks to Marc Gunn and his podcasts). I loved the atmosphere, the vibe. There was all kinds mingling at the Fest- one of my fav aspects of being apart of that sub culture.

I haven't been able to steer my course towards another Ren Fest lately. Life has been busy; my priorities in other places. And I have to admit, like a fair weather friend, my thoughts were turned towards celtic things with the passing of St. Patrick's Day. I have very fond memories of my celebrations in years past- and the t-shirts to prove it.

So, I've been thinking and jammin' to Ren Fest music and thinking how great it would be to alter my course for some enjoyment with those kind of folk- and without knowing it, my course has been steered for me. The 34th annual Medieval Fair is scheduled for the same weekend that I will be in OKC.

Coincidence- I think not!
You will find me at the stage enjoying the tunes of The Queen's Gambit; and maybe I can catch the jousting tournament as well.

OKC Bound

A year ago today- I was not here, I was there. And next week this time, I will be there, not here. Can I even begin to describe to you how excited I am? How much I am looking forward to retracing my steps a year later, a year older?

How I can't wait to go home. I love calling OKC home. I will always in that place in my heart, call OKC home.

I have people to see, favorite restaurants to visit, a fair to attend, a new baby to love, a family to share time with, a group to worship with, a group of professionals to visit with, a lovely lady to hug, a spaces beyond spaces to visit and say, "I'm here! I'm home! I've missed you! I didn't forget you! Look at me- I've grown, and you are now a part of me!"

Ah (sigh of major delight)- I am so excited.

I lust for the open road!

I've got a hot date with a long road coming up this week. AND I CANNOT WAIT! I enjoy road trips- even better when I enjoy the destination. And I have the extreme delight of driving to a place I love to call home and then driving back home. I mean, how can I girl lose with all those pluses involved in one experience.

I love the moment-
I am alone in the car, and it sinks in- "I am road trippin." I feel the release well within me; and the scream of delight bubbles up and escapes; and I turn up the music and jam out!

There are very few things that give me a feeling as good and free and juvenile and reckless and adventuresome as that.

I am headed west this coming week; and I cannot wait to get there, I cannot wait to experience getting there.