Monday, May 24, 2010

Dear Legs,

Dear Legs,

I know that I should strive to keep you bruise-free (you know, sexy-smooth and all that), but I'm just not that kind of girl. And I know that you are well aware of that, considering our history. But on top of that, I'm (we're) going tubing today. Bruises are bound to appear- the consistent battle of water vs. rocks vs. tube. I'm sorry that I'm such a tomboy, but you know that we always end up having the best of times- no matter what we are doing.

I know that you are excited about the short sexy black dress and going out on the town, but that event will have to wait; today it is all about the fun- no matter the cost. A few black and blues are worth it, I think.

Thank you for getting me there. I'll rub you with lotion when we're done. And I promise, we will rock the dress soon- after you've healed (well, mostly).



Monday, May 3, 2010

no 3x5's this time

"Didn't have a camera by my side this time- hoping I would see the world through both my eyes. Maybe I will tell you all about it when I'm in the mood to lose my way with words." John Mayer

I didn't bother to take my camera with my this time. Like John, I was hoping to live completely engaged in the situation the entire time. I didn't want to have to stand back to capture the experience- for memories, for others. I will remember perfectly for myself; and next time, you should come along.

Sunday, May 2, 2010


I went camping this weekend. I haven't been camping for a very long time, so it was definitely a serious refresher course on what and how- and too, on why.

The short road trip to North Carolina's Uwharrie National Park ("Land of Many Uses") was lovely and fairly easy. The gravel road drive through to the campsite was (unsurprisingly) bumpy and a little confusing- it was dark, afterall. Leaving my car in a general purpose parking lot, because it wouldn't make it to the campsite...well, now, that just made me giggle- until I took the trip to get to the site. And then, I was holding on for dear life.

And now, I can laugh. Holding on for dear life....HA! I had no idea what I was in for the next day- with the Jeeps rock crawling the trails.

And I packed "rough" clothes. I had seen the mud that was available for clothing destruction in previous pictures and videos- but I don't think I really, really thought through the mud situation. Several mud showers in one day- that's a lot. My white doo-rag will never forgive me.

And then there's the community time around the campfire and the generous spirit of all involved. Nothing like it. Sharing time and food with people around a warm, bright fire- talking and laughing in the outdoors.

I am definitely ready for the next camping trip and hope to add it to my list common events in my life, because each time, each campfire will be uncommon.

a good time

How do you measure a good time?

I think I use different gauges for different events-
But this is what it was like for me this morning and why I knew it was a good time.

The alarm pierced my dreamlike state and I was violently reminded that I needed to get an early start. I stretched greedily and buried my head full of curls into the pillow in protest to the idea of accepting the start of new day with less than 3 hours of sleep to support me.

Ah, but that's the give-and-take of it: awesome late nights collect their bills come the morning time.

Then I listened to morning-quiet outside sounds. I peeked out to see the early-gray of the day. I steeped in the goodness of my sore body and muscles; in the pasty-yuk of my overnight mouth; in the twisted state of my sleeping bag- I had indeed been camping and having a fabulous time! And it was over. Time to leave.

And so I did. Rolling up my sleeping bag, gathering all my things, saying goodbye to the red-embers of last night's fire, brushing my teeth and spitting into the leaves- only took moments. A few added moments to say my goodbyes. And a few more for traversing the seeming-endless gravel roads of the park.

And then, I was on HWY 49:
Gulping my weekend-stale water from the Nalgene bottle- accepting its stagnant taste as one of the sweetest, most refreshing moments of hydration- ever (I was really thirsty and dehydrated from a night of alcoholic debauchery). Watching the sun turn the gray clouds silvery-white; and appreciating how beautiful green leaves against a gray sky truly is in my sight. Listening to Candlebox on the local rock station- knowing that it was the perfect soundtrack-like song for the ending credits of my trip.

And somewhere in the mix of it all- I breathed deeply and sighed heavily- so very happy and so very satisfied. This was the measure of my good time this time.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

silver lined mountains

Can I even begin to tell you the majesty and adventure that I lavish in while long distance driving at night? Sounds silly- some of you might think crazy; but I absolutely love it.

I left work late- what else is new? And I frantically drove home so that I could pack- also very typical behavior. And an hour and a half later, with a filled gas tank- I am headed west. I relish in the sunset as I drive with the just-after rush hour traffic. I text friends- yes, I text while I drive- as I pass their house: "Just passed your house. Waving hi. Love you."

"Hi back. Be careful," they answer.

The lighted highway signs warn me that there's a detour- a major detour up ahead. I wonder if I should get out the map and figure out another way (no, I don't have a GSP device- and really, I don't want one. I would rather figure out my way any day), but I don't bother. I figure if I can read the signs- I should be good. I will enjoy the new road.

And enjoy it, I did.
A dark landscape, silver highlighted by the almost full moon. Absolutely breath taking- I remind myself over and over to keep my eyes on the road- for god sake. Thankfully, the only people out here on this road at this time of night are me and the truckers- and they seems to know well enough to keep away from that crazy girl in the Saturn Ion who seems to be dancing in her seat.

The path is lit before me- I just have to keep moving forward-
And I do.
With a unrestrained sense of adventure for the journey that lies before me.

Friday, March 19, 2010

the Ren in me just freaked out!

34th Annual Medieval Fair of Norman

So, Rand and I were at the 33rd annual Medieval Fair of Norman. It was my first official Ren Fest. I was so excited to be there; absolutely psyched that I knew the artist that were performing (thanks to Marc Gunn and his podcasts). I loved the atmosphere, the vibe. There was all kinds mingling at the Fest- one of my fav aspects of being apart of that sub culture.

I haven't been able to steer my course towards another Ren Fest lately. Life has been busy; my priorities in other places. And I have to admit, like a fair weather friend, my thoughts were turned towards celtic things with the passing of St. Patrick's Day. I have very fond memories of my celebrations in years past- and the t-shirts to prove it.

So, I've been thinking and jammin' to Ren Fest music and thinking how great it would be to alter my course for some enjoyment with those kind of folk- and without knowing it, my course has been steered for me. The 34th annual Medieval Fair is scheduled for the same weekend that I will be in OKC.

Coincidence- I think not!
You will find me at the stage enjoying the tunes of The Queen's Gambit; and maybe I can catch the jousting tournament as well.

OKC Bound

A year ago today- I was not here, I was there. And next week this time, I will be there, not here. Can I even begin to describe to you how excited I am? How much I am looking forward to retracing my steps a year later, a year older?

How I can't wait to go home. I love calling OKC home. I will always in that place in my heart, call OKC home.

I have people to see, favorite restaurants to visit, a fair to attend, a new baby to love, a family to share time with, a group to worship with, a group of professionals to visit with, a lovely lady to hug, a spaces beyond spaces to visit and say, "I'm here! I'm home! I've missed you! I didn't forget you! Look at me- I've grown, and you are now a part of me!"

Ah (sigh of major delight)- I am so excited.

I lust for the open road!

I've got a hot date with a long road coming up this week. AND I CANNOT WAIT! I enjoy road trips- even better when I enjoy the destination. And I have the extreme delight of driving to a place I love to call home and then driving back home. I mean, how can I girl lose with all those pluses involved in one experience.

I love the moment-
I am alone in the car, and it sinks in- "I am road trippin." I feel the release well within me; and the scream of delight bubbles up and escapes; and I turn up the music and jam out!

There are very few things that give me a feeling as good and free and juvenile and reckless and adventuresome as that.

I am headed west this coming week; and I cannot wait to get there, I cannot wait to experience getting there.