Wednesday, December 9, 2009

oh well

One of the things that I love about traveling is the food. It is always so much fun to try new flavors- in fact, I think that tasting new foods or trying new restaurants is a really easy way to be adventurous. And you know that I love to adventure...

Anyway, a while ago- I was headed somewhere, and a friend of mine said, "take pictures of the food." (Thanks, Sarah!) And I realized that was a brilliant idea. So many people eat the same thing over and over again- because it is safe. So, maybe, people might enjoy living vicariously though me with food as well.

So, I started taking pictures of food. And people really love them. I always get comments on them- if not written, then verbal. Makes me giggle.

But on this last trip to NYC, I learned that sometimes I don't get a picture taken before the food is eaten. In fact, some of my favs this time around had no hope of getting captured digitally, because they were in my mouth too fast.

The picture you see here was my superb Colombian lunch: arroz, frijoles, chicharron, aguacate, arepa, carne y platanos maduros. Muy bien! I completely forgot about my camera as I was scarffin' it down. I didn't even think to take a pic of Erin's yummy Colombian-style chicken soup.

There was something else- the Chinese Paper Cake that I discovered in China Town. Oh my goodness- so good! I will make that one of my regular stops each time I am in NYC China Town area. Yummy-goodness for only 65 cents- BRING IT ON! I ate 3 of these things: 1 on the first day of discovery, and 2 on the second day when I went back to the bakery. On both occasions, I forgot to take a picture.

My point?
I will try to have more self-control when I am about to eat something particularly tasty and make sure that you get a well-defined picture next time.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

NYC 2009

I cannot begin to tell you how much I love New York City. I love it. In some ways, it is still a big part of who I am- or at least, I love coming back "home" to it.

And, Christmastime in New York? One of the best places to be at the best time! (At least, that is my humble opinion.) There is so much fun in the air- just breathe it in deep; and you can't help but smile.

When my boss told me that I needed to book a hotel reservation for the first weekend in December, I was thrilled. (Actually, I was like "you're kidding me right?! We have only 3 weeks to get everything planned! But after that- I was excited!)

I am here with him, his wife and a co-worker- it is a business trip. But a fun one. And I am the only one who's ever been to NYC before, so I've gotten to show them around. And we've done a fairly good job of it.