Saturday, February 28, 2009

ants in the pants

Goodness, we are both antsy today. I wish that it was a pretty day. We passed a great park about 8miles ago: Burns Park. There were a lot of playground areas and what Rand needs is a good play; what I need is for Rand to have a good play. We didn't find any McD playplaces yesterday until it started raining. Ah!

And so, with many ants in our pants we are leaving this morning.
Glad that the miles to cover is less than the last couple of days.

just another thought...

I am now as far west in the US as I have ever been.

Friday, February 27, 2009

wade into the river

I passed over the Mississippi River today. For some reason, not fully developed yet (and so I won't do it justice in my explanation), this means a great deal to me. It was a very deep moment to see that water and to read the sign and to make the connection.

I saw the Mississippi.

I have crossed over the Mississippi.

I am on the other side of the Mississippi and am now several miles beyond it.



If I knew he was going to do this, I wouldn't have gotten a two bed room.

and the award goes to...


To : Kevin


Thur, Feb 26, 4:22pm

numbers- approximate, of course!

FIRST DAY: 417 miles, 6hrs 40min

SECOND DAY: 433 miles, 6hrs 29min

-This information certainly doesn't take potty breaks into account.

PROJECTED THIRD DAY: 320 miles, 4hrs 41min

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Driving: Day 1

We left later than I had planned. And I cracked open the Diet Coke way too early. Rand asked for the iPod pretty early on. I was afraid that he was going to get tired of it pretty soon; but he was willing to play along with differentiation and variation. So, he also played with toys, listened to music, and watched cartoons on my laptop. Oh, and he wore my hat all around I40. That was so funny. (Okay, maybe the looks that he was getting were funnier.....nah!)

Some comments on the day:

1. Why in the world doesn't the Asheville McDonald's have a Playplace? I really think that would make so much more sense.

2. Stress, high emotions, and diet coke combine into a deadly force: killer headache.

3. Rand and I had a great 30 seconds in the tunnel on I40. (I want to say that was his first ever tunnel.)

4. I wish I could have stopped on the side of the road to take pictures of the ice. There were icicles (some huge) dripping from the rocks on the side of the highway. Absolutely amazing. And Rand thought so too.

5. McDonald's Playplaces are scarce in the mountains. Be prepared.

6. I forgot about being in a different time zone. Oops.

7. So glad that there are hotel coupon books in McDonald's.

8. I spent A LOT of time in McD's, huh? Really, it isn't as bad as it sounds.

9. I think writing and reading "Rand's Book" beforehand REALLY has helped make this trip an easier thing for Rand.

10. I am tired.

morning of...

I feel so sensitive. My skin hurts. My ears hear an echo.

High-five goodbye.
No tears.

There are last minute things I need to take care of-
Like printing out my route on Google.

Please excuse me.....because I am not kidding.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

the day before

What a crazy day:

1. Good bye preschool. Good bye teachers: thank you for all you've done. We'll keep you updated on our return date.

2. Run here. Run there. Run everywhere. Last minute errands. How much was that?! You're kidding me. Good thing you got me at a stressed moment or I would show you what I think of that price.

3. PACK, PACK, PACK! Where do you start? What do you choose?

4. See that? Yep, I have to go through that too...

5. Where are those pants? IN THE LAUNDRY?! Oh, no! Get a load started!

6. When was the last time I ate?

7. Diet Coke and cake.....ah!


9. I'm done....well, at least until that second load of laundry is done.

10. He's done.

11. Where is that darn CD case?

12. The grapes are off limits. They are for tomorrow's trip. STAY BACK!

13. Let's finish cleaning the garage.

14. How was all of this suppose to fit? How did I ever think that stroller was coming along? Maybe if you turn this that way and strap that bag here, it will work....well, I could always strap things to the roof (just kidding).

15. What else do I have to do?

16. It's 1am already?!

the magic of packing procrastination

It is the morning before I leave on this great, most likely extensive, trip. And, I haven't packed yet. I've made lists of what needs to be packed. I've gathered a couple things in piles here and there throughout the house of things that I want to take. I have imagined how things will be stashed in the car. But I haven't actually pulled out the suitcases and bags, yet.

And this is pretty typical of me. For some reason, I think packing at the last minute is just a part of who I am. I wonder what that says about me.

The really big question is: Will I be able to pack everything I want to take AND STILL be able to fit the stroller into the truck. Hmmm...

And I will pack everything I want.
I mean, I will pack everything.

My nickname, given to me by my flatmates in London, is Mary Poppins. You know how she just kept pulling stuff out of her bag? She pulled much more than should have fit. It was a magic bag; it was a magic job of packing.

Eventually, when I start packing- that's how it will be: magic.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

my ok place: theme song lyrics

Give Arms to Its Socket
The Republic Tigers

C4 in my pocket
And I'm ready to show you what for
You got no idea what's in store.
There's goin' to be an uproar.
Family's not gonna like what takes place;
But it's gonna win the war.
I promise C4 in my pocket,
And I'm ready to settle the score.

Don't think I'll tell you 'bout the secret to victory.
There's a place we can read a thing about the history.
They may fool you all and it will remain a mystery.

But no one's keepin' score.
Everyone should know more before the powers implore,
That our likelihood is at stake-
So what? We might have to go without
the bigger piece of cake.

C4 in my pocket,
and I'm ready to show you what for.
Give arm to its socket,
And you'll notice much less when there's more.

Don't think I'll tell you 'bout the secret to victory.
Remain who you are and it will remain a mystery (visitor in control).
You cant have it both ways, not this time.

But no one's keepin' score.
Everyone should know more before the powers implore,
that our likelihood is at stake-
So what? we might have to go without
the bigger piece of cake.

There's no one keepin' score.
Everyone should know more before the powers implore.
Why would we think there could be a winner,
when it just might be the sinner in control?

C4 in my pocket
C4 in my pocket
And I'm ready to show you what for