Thursday, April 15, 2010

silver lined mountains

Can I even begin to tell you the majesty and adventure that I lavish in while long distance driving at night? Sounds silly- some of you might think crazy; but I absolutely love it.

I left work late- what else is new? And I frantically drove home so that I could pack- also very typical behavior. And an hour and a half later, with a filled gas tank- I am headed west. I relish in the sunset as I drive with the just-after rush hour traffic. I text friends- yes, I text while I drive- as I pass their house: "Just passed your house. Waving hi. Love you."

"Hi back. Be careful," they answer.

The lighted highway signs warn me that there's a detour- a major detour up ahead. I wonder if I should get out the map and figure out another way (no, I don't have a GSP device- and really, I don't want one. I would rather figure out my way any day), but I don't bother. I figure if I can read the signs- I should be good. I will enjoy the new road.

And enjoy it, I did.
A dark landscape, silver highlighted by the almost full moon. Absolutely breath taking- I remind myself over and over to keep my eyes on the road- for god sake. Thankfully, the only people out here on this road at this time of night are me and the truckers- and they seems to know well enough to keep away from that crazy girl in the Saturn Ion who seems to be dancing in her seat.

The path is lit before me- I just have to keep moving forward-
And I do.
With a unrestrained sense of adventure for the journey that lies before me.