Sunday, September 20, 2009

inspired by lake water

Oh, the things that girls will say at the lake:

Be careful- wet when slippery.

Because my legs go up in the air so much.

Hung in there like rocks stars!

That mojito feels good!

Shape it up - whip it, whip it good!

Tho' the Jennifers may be going down- we aren't going down without a fight!

The Jennifers are awesome!

You landed like a rockstar!

Here I come- stay away!

You need to let it out a little bit.

Keep the rope between your legs!

Keep your butt up, so it won't be raw.

I don't know about you, but I am giggling. Well, maybe you just had to be there.
Maybe next time, eh?

NC Coast

Why don't I do this more often- the beach is only 3 hours away. Really, not that long to drive for several hours worth of fun- sure it is messy fun (sand gets EVERYWHERE); but what is fun without a mess to go along with it.

Rand and I drove to Wrightsville today on our way to J'ville. It isn't really on the way, but we wanted to go to the beach this afternoon; and the drive back north isn't too bad- only an hour.

It was a perfect day to be at the beach. Sunny- warm, but not hot; and nice and breezy. The water was warm and clear. The waves were playful. The sand was smooth and warm (again, not too hot). Rand was jazzed to be there- and to tell you the truth, so was I. I love the beach; and even though I've allowed some mountain thoughts to creep in (the whole tubing thing has got my head turned), I think I will always be a beach-girl at heart.

And I wondered, why don't I do this more often? The beach (just like a good mountain creek) is worth a long-haul day trip more often than once a year. Think you might want to come along sometime?

Where have I been today?

Started the day in Winston-Salem (brownies for breakfast with good friends); spent a an hour or so in Mebane (check in at the homestead and whisk away the child); played on Wrightsville Beach for a couple of hours with the little man; and spending the night in J'ville with the in-laws. It's been a great day!

I've spent a lot of time in the car behind the wheel- and I'm worn out, but really okay. I think as long as I have great music to keep me company, I can just go!

Sunday, September 13, 2009


Took Rand tubing for the first time today. I was nervous about the way he was going to react- there are so many things to accost the senses. Just think of the exhausting list:
1. the temperature of the water
2. the sound of the water
3. the floating feeling in the tube
4. the balance issues on staying afloat over a rocky surface
5. the bugs, mud
6. the walking
You get the idea. There are plenty of things that could upset Rand's whole balance of being. And I was trying to be prepared- you can never fully be prepared, but I surely do try.

The one think I knew I has going for me- the water. My kid loves the water! Any kind of water. And he loves to splash. So, I figured that since you can't tube without a whole lot of water, I would be in the clear...maybe? In spite of all the other sensory issues that may occur.

And I was right~ thank goodness! Not only that- but (as if we needed it) there is even more evidence to suggest that Rand is indeed my son- what a dare devil! We had a blast! All the way until the end- when we had all HAD ENOUGH (but doesn't that happen to all families on a day trip?).

One of the things that I didn't anticipate- my mind just didn't get there- Rand is all about picking up rocks and throwing them into the creek. I mean...obsessive about it. Rocks of any size are candidates for launch. He especially tried to pick up the ones that were impossible for anyone, never m ind a four year old. And so, much of our tubing trip was spent picking up rocks and throwing them into the creek.

Well, family time is family time.
: )

it will never be the same

I recently purchased a mifi device from Verizon. This small black box goes with you wherever you might choose to go and provides you with a wifi signal for up to 5 devices. So, you don't even have to plug anything in- just press the "on" button. Now, of course, this amazing convenience comes with a price...and a limit; but just think about how cool this is-

I was in the passenger seat of my car- we were on I40 around mile marker 70- going through the mountains; and there were several things that I wanted to check online. I busted out the mifi device and switched it on. I started buying songs through my iTouch and worked on my computer for about 20 mins; and then I was done, and everything got turned off.

That kind of ability to connect on a whim; and disconnect back into obscurity is a wonderful thing.
(Oh, wait: I do have the BlackBerry; but YOU know what I mean ; )