Sunday, April 26, 2009

what would you pack?

So, the weather's bad.
Pretty bad.

Bad enough that my roommate has a packed bag by the door. Naturally, I felt that maybe I should take the time to do the same. So, I take a flashlight into the room I share with Rand (who is trying very hard to fall asleep), grab a bag and start packing. And I am trying to figure out what to pack...

With a room full of suitcases, what do I unpack to pack.
What items are among the most important things...

And not only that, but what items will be needed for daily sustenance if a tornado does actually hit? What do I pack to take care of Rand and to keep him occupied?

Just some interesting thoughts.

restless feelings...

The kids have been bouncing off the walls-
And they seemed to just turn over, like a flip of a switch....tazmanian devils of restless energy.

There's this overwhelming feeling of "needing to snap" within me. Like I am about to go mad- I can barely deal with Rand's inability to focus and calm down, never mind this feeling of breathless, endless precipice.

The weather is bad right now.
And we are all feeling the strain.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I posted a few days ago about the grass fires that were in the area. I told you that I was safe, because they were about 20 min away from my location. Well, I found out the next day that it was a scary reality for one of my new friends. She had a policeman near her house at the crossroads monitoring a fire that was close by. He was posted there in case to warn the next few neighbors to evacuate if needed. The fire came within 2 miles of her property.

On the way to her house the next day, a new fire ignited. I saw smoke in the distance, but I didn't put 2 and 2 together until I was prevented from going any further by a police road block. I had to call my friend to get new directions to her house. It is a good thing that this area in OK functions on a grid.

another thing...

I wanted to add another thing to my "what there seems to be a lot of" here in the OKC area: Sonic.

These people are all about Sonic- it's everywhere. It's funny- I think I may have been to Sonic twice; for sure one, but maybe twice. I still haven't been here, not yet. But clearly, it is only a matter of time.

Friday, April 10, 2009

grass fires

Not 20 min away there are several grass fires. In fact, Rand and I spent several hours in that town today playing, eating and shopping without really knowing what was going on-

I knew that several emergency vehicles had passed by in I40.

I realized that the sky looked different; clouded by some ghoulish haze.

And now I know why: on the way home from Target, the radio station sounded a news alert: "Serious grass fires are burning through Midwest City and Choctaw."

The winds are crazy tonight.
These cities are burning-
The recommendation is to evacuate.

There is a serious effort from local authorities all working together to contain as much as possible; but they understand that much will be lost.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

little things noticed-

It is funny what you notice about a different place. Here are some fun observations:

1. Donuts: People in this area must LOVE donuts. There are donut shops around every corner. There is Dunkin' Donuts, Krispie Kreme, Daylight Donuts, something about Sunny Bakery Donuts, and then random shops here, there and everywhere. Fried pieces of dough coated in sugar- I am definitely in the right place.

2. Little Caesar's Pizza: Also around every corner. This pizza shop is EVERYWHERE here. And they are BIG sponsors on radio stations- Little Caesar's is at every event with hot pizza ready to devour at your whim. Now, let's get something straight- I am a local pizza joint kind of girl. I like finding that "hole in the wall" that makes it right; and yes, I will pay for it. But, it isn't a bad option to walk in and walk right out having paid only $5.99 for a large pizza (cheese, sausage, or pepperoni). I think there is only 1 Little Caesar's in Burlington. I may be wrong. And I can't remember eating it very often in the last 10 years of my life. That will change.

3. Sky: there is SO much of it here. They say the sky is the same everywhere- I beg to differ.

4. Horizon: It is amazingly flat here. I can see downtown OKC from my neighborhood, and it is a good 20 min. drive away.

5. Oil things (I don't know the name): The oil pumpy things are everywhere. In the middle of nowhere in a big field OR fenced off because it is in the middle of a mall parking lot.

6. Radius: 25 min in any direction from "my" house takes me to an innumerable amount of destinations. I know that sounds silly- just about anywhere you are that would be true. But I can't begin to list the amount of medical offices, college/universities, museums, cows, businesses, kids activities, playgrounds, donut shops, fields, malls, etc... So many fun things to do- just down the street.

7. Neighborhood Wal-Marts: I didn't know that these types of Wal-Marts existed. I'm familiar with regular Wal-Marts and Super Wal-Marts; but "Your Neighborhood Wal-Mart" is just a drug store/grocery/photo shop. They are also everywhere around here.

8. Asian influence: I didn't see this one coming. I can eat Thai, Korean, Japanese, and Chinese (although the last 2 aren't so unfamiliar) and other Asian style foods every meal of the day at different restaurant for a long time. They are everywhere. And not only that- I can also go shopping to any sort of Asian grocery stores and/or bakeries. The diversity is amazing. And yes, Rand and I have already started testing the waters: his chicken tenders were decorated with a Chinese Dragon and my Pad Thai was spicier than I expected.

Ok- that's all for now. Not that there aren't other things. But I will get to them later.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

one of my favorite things

Want to know what one of my favorite things about living in OKC is?

KOMA, The Best Music of the 60's and 70's

Station 92.5 on my car radio.
I love it.

There is always something great on the radio; and I am singing my little heart out. And I feel good that my kid is getting a well-rounded background music education: rock, r&b, soul, folk, etc...

Come for a visit: there's plenty of American Pie to last the car ride to our local church (and then some).

victory in enemy territory

I was invited to watch the game at a Sooner's home. She is a friend of my roomie. She graciously opened her home to us and our children- and our beautiful, CAROLINA blue sports wear!

The children played; and the adults watched the game (and yelled at the TV).

So glad to know that Sooners are gracious hosts, even in the face of defeat.

Thank you so much for making this Tarheel feel "at home."